Call for papers

Authors are invited to submit a full paper, and papers should be written in English. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Energy and Environment Engineering
Advanced Energy Technologies
Alternative fuels
Climate Change and Global Warming
Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation
Electromagnetic waves and telecommunication
Energy and Environment
Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy Sources

Power and Energy Technology
Power system dynamics, stability and control
Power system protection
Envisioning the future energy system
Power planning, diversity, reducing emissions
Nuclear Energy Safe Utilization
Power system instrumentation, measurements and automation
Sustainable energy production
Renewable energy sources and storage devices

Power Transmission and Generation
Converters and Inverters
Fault Diagnosis
Grounding and Protection Systems
HV Power Lines
Network Harmonics
Nuclear Energy
Power Distribution
Power Flow Analysis
Power Quality
Power System Design
Power System Operation
Power System Planning
Power System Stability and Control

Alternative Energy and the Environment
Energy Conservation
Energy Conversion
Fuel Cell Technology
Plasma Technology
Solar Energy
Water Energy
Wind Energy

Energy, Electrical and Power Engineering
Electrical Machinery and Electrical Apparatus
Electrical Machines, Power Electronics and Industry Applications
Electronic Materials
Electronics, Information and Control Systems
Power Generation and Sustainable Environment
Power Systems and Energy

Energy Science and Technology
Development and Utilization of Solar Energy
Development and Utilization of Biomass Energy
Development and Utilization of Wind Energy
Nuclear Energy Engineering
Energy-saving Technology
Hydrogen and Fuel Cell
Energy Materials
Energy Chemical Engineering
Energy Security and Clean Use
New Energy Vehicles, Electric Vehicles

Power and Mechanical Engineering
Applied Mechanics
Automotive Engineering
Computational Mechanics
Energy Engineering and Management
Fluid Mechanics and Machinery
Machinery and Machine Design
Material Engineering
Material Science and Processing
Mechanical Design
Mechanical Power Engineering
Plasticity Mechanics
Pollution and Environmental Engineering
Power-train solutions
Powertrain Technology
Solid Mechanics

Other related topics